Posted by: kerryannekay | October 31, 2012

Halloween Nightmare

It was a dark and dreary night,

All of the guinea pigs were tucked in tight.

Mom was watching TV,

Lying on the couch as still as could be.

A noise from the kitchen caused the pigs to stir,

Mom stood up with blankets in a whir.

“What was that?” she asked with a start,

“Did one of my guinea pigs just fart?”

The noise came again from the room,

The pigs all agreed it was a sign of doom.

Mom said not to worry,

She went to the kitchen in quite a hurry.

The noise came again from the fridge,

Mom saw that the door was open a smidge.

“Who left the door open on me?”

All the pigs leaned forward to see.

She slowly opened the door,

And all the pigs’ veggies were no more!

The Veggie Monster had come through,

There were parts of veggies left as a clue.

All the pigs let out a gasp,

“No veggies,” mom said in a rasp…

She closed the door and went to tell the news,

“The Veggie Monster was here, I saw the clues…”

Mom sat down on the floor,

She knew Veggie Monster had a big score.

Mom thought that the pigs would be sad,

When she looked at them they were all mad.

“We have no veggies! What should I do?”
The pigs all said, “It’s off to the store for you…”

Happy Halloween, don’t let the Veggie Monster get you…



  1. Didn’t know you were a poet as well

    • Just a small thing for Halloween. Nothing big or too good. Thanks for your support. – KA

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