Posted by: kerryannekay | September 26, 2012

Blog Block and a Bitten Toe

So, I was sitting in front of my computer for about a half an hour.  And I was not able to write a blog… It sucked.  I wondered how was I supposed to write a good blog if I there was nothing good anything to write about?  Alfalfa had been decent this week.  I was wondering if my demon pig has turned the corner.  Looking down at him I asked, “Dude, do something interesting so I can write about it…”  Of course, Alfalfa stared back at me with that ‘what are you a dumbass?’ look he has perfected.  “Well,” I remarked, “At least you are behaving yourself.”

Alfalfa continued to look back me with that same stare.  “Oh, dude,” I cooed, “You are such a good pig.”  The moment I said that, I regretted it…  Alfalfa decided to break his ‘good spell’.  He jumped forward and bit my toe.  Of course I yelled.  “OUCH! Alfalfa!”  Which caused him to jump and run off for under the bed.  As I grabbed my toe, I noticed blood.  ‘Oh, damn,’ I lamented to myself, ‘He just had to break the skin…’  I hopped over to the bathroom holding my wounded foot for some serious first aid.  As I cleaned my gaping wound, I saw Alfalfa in the door way.

“Alfalfa,” I said, “Coming to inspect your work?”  He sniffed back at me.  “Thanks,” I said through my teeth and the pain of the antiseptic.  I went back to tending to my bite.  It was not as bad as I thought.  After several moments, I looked up and saw how my lovely guinea pig was saying, ‘You’re Welcome.’  Alfalfa was dutifully creating a rather large pile of beans on the rug in the middle of the open door.  “Alfalfa!” I yelled.  He startled and shot some beans into the bathroom before taking off to the living room.  “Oh, crap,” was all I could say and sigh.

I finished cleaning my toe and put a bandage on it.  That’s when I heard the noise.  I couldn’t figure out what was grinding and bumping on something.  I stood in the middle of the bathroom totally befuddle atthe noise.  “What the hell is that?” I asked out loud.  Several second later I heard the crash in the living room.  I ran out there to see what was going on.  Silence.  “What the hell?” I asked the silent room.  Turning I noticed my brand new, bought this weekend, not even a week old iPhone speaker dock was on the floor.  “Crap,” I said walking over to it.  Alfalfa had managed to pull it down off of the night table.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that he had chewed thought the cord.  “Damn-it!” I yelled.

At my last comment, Alfalfa stuck his head out from under the bed.  “You done yet?  Seriously?  That’s the third thing…tonight!” I said with breathless despair.  “I give up,” I said throwing the useless dock on the bed.  I sat down on the bed.  Alfalfa popped his head out from the bed skirt next to my feet.  “Well,” I said, “I guess I did ask you to do something interesting…  But did you have to do all of that, dude?”  Alfalfa wheeked back at me.  “Yeah, I know,” I acknowledged, “Don’t ruin your reputation…”



  1. Oh poor Alfy, I hope he didn get electric-shocked from that cable!

    • No, thank goodness for small miracles. But now I’m out $100 because of that bugger. Thanks for your comment. – Kerry Anne

  2. He was just being helpful! Providing fodder for the blog! Te he he.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • What? Fodder for the blog? That’s not fair to me! What about my toe? – Kerry Anne

      • Toes, like writer block, heal eventually! Just ask our Mummy, she has sported a variety of injuries courtesy of us!

        Though whee do hope you are ok. Whiffles of wellness to your toe! (whee hope it’s clean!)

        Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

      • Silly guys. I just wish he would behave! – Kerry Anne

  3. haha, I loved the part “what are you a dumbass” look?? naughty Alfalfa!! ❤

    • Thanks. He is good at that. Thanks for your comment and support. – Kerry Anne

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