Posted by: kerryannekay | August 22, 2012

Alfalfa’s Gift to Me on the First Day of School

I was planning on writing a completely different story for today.  However, something happened this morning that changed my mind…

I was nervous this morning getting ready for school.  I got up a half an hour early to make sure that I was early for school.  Looking in the mirror I mentally rehearsed my day.  I heard Alfalfa wheeking outside of the closed bathroom door.  “Dude,” I said opening it.  He looked up at me with those huge eyes.  *wheek* he said softly.

“Oh, is that a camera…again?” – A

“Do you want breakfast?” I asked.  He bolted for the kitchen.  I laughed as I heard his small feet running across the carpet.  As I followed, I saw him dancing at the edge of the kitchen.  He doesn’t like the tile floor so he won’t cross over into it.  I giggled stepping over him.  As I got some greens to put in his bowl, he began to dance even more.  This brought another smile to my face.  “Silly boy,” I said walking past him towards the living room and his house.  He followed and dove into his cage.  I put the food in the bowl and he dove mouth first into that too.

I finished my morning routine.  The last thing I always do is put my shoes on before leaving.  I sat down on the couch and put my shoes on.  I was still nervous.  I took a moment closed my eyes and took several deep breaths to relax.  I felt something at my right foot.  I opening my eyes I looked down to see Alfalfa backed up and partially sitting on my right shoe.  I giggled and said, “I don’t want to go either…”  He turned and looked up at me with those sweet, innocent eyes.  “Ok,” I said, “I’ve got to go…”  Alfalfa let out a small huff and walked away from my shoe.  That’s when I saw why he was there…

There was a large wet stain on my NEW shoe.  “Alfalfa!” I yelled.  “You peed on my new school shoes!”  I took off my shoe and half hopped and half ran over to the kitchen.  I grabbed a bunch of napkins and began to scrub.  The stain was not going anywhere.  Chunks of white paper stuck to the surface of the leather.  “Crap!” I cursed.

I heard Alfalfa wheek from behind me.  I turned and said, “My new shoes, pig!”  He was not fazed by the admonishment.  The stain on my shoe was not going away and time was running out.  “Crap!”  I put my shoe on and ran for the door.  I grabbed my stuff and opened the door.  I heard Alfalfa follow me to the door.  He tried to bolt from the apartment.  “No!” I said with a strong voice.  He stopped in his tracks.  “Stay!” I said.  Oddly enough he stayed where he was.  I went into the hallway and with the door cracked a bit said, “Dude, I love you…but tomorrow, don’t pee on my shoe…”  Closing the door I heard him let out a single wheek.  I sighed and left for work.

The first day of school was hectic.  It was one of those days where craziness ruled.  There were schedule problems, student problems, lateness problems, bell problems, lunch problems, and the freshman.  I stopped a pair of girls from fighting.  One of my 1st period students told me that he hated me already…on day one.  My collaborative teacher refused to teach her part of the lesson telling me that she was ‘really tired’.  To sum up my first day:  it sucked.

After the final bell of the day I sat down at my desk.  I was depressed and just sad for such a bad opening day.  I hoped that the rest of the school year would go better.  One of my fellow teachers, John, walked into the room.  “How did today go?” he asked me.

“Oh, it sucked,” I replied simply.

“Yeah, mine was ok…hopefully it gets better…” John said.  I put my feet up on my desk and leaned back in my chair.

Sighing I said, “Well, we have 179 more to go…”

John looked at my shoes and asked, “Did you spill on your shoe today?”

I looked at my shoe and it reminded me of the morning.  I put my feet back on the floor and sat forward.  I put my head in my hands and burst out crying.  John walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder.  “Hey,” he said softly, “Was it that bad?”

“No,” I said through my tears, “No it’s not that…”

“Then what?” he asked gently.

“My guinea pig Alfalfa peed on my shoe this morning…” I said between sniffles.

“Ooookaaaayyy” John is said characteristic bit of sarcasm.

“I’m tired, I’m emotional and I’m just ready to go home.” I explain drying my tears with a tissue.  I think I just need a nap.

“Yes, I have have great teeth. Can I test them on you?” – A

“You know that pig, he is a knuckle head…”  John stated.  “I’ve read your blog.”

I thanked John and he went back to his room.  I clean up and prepared for the next day.  It took me about an hour to finish.  On the drive home I became more and more depressed.  This was not the first day that I had hoped for.  Nothing seemed right to me.

Alfalfa was waiting for me when I got home.  He wheeked and wheek at me for dinner.  Of course I fed him first before getting my own dinner.  I sat down about an half an hour after the butt was fed.  When I looked over towards the door I saw him at my shoes.  He was sniffing at the left one.  When he got to the right one he sniffed more furiously.  He had recognized his own scent.

I walked over to the shoes.  “Dude,” I said.  He looked up at me.  “You admiring your…uhm…handy work?”  He looked down and sniffed again.  “Yes, that was you…  Why did you pee on my shoe?  Did you need to mark me?” I asked not expecting an answer.  “Does that mean you love me?”  Alfalfa pop-corned with that question.  “You do love, me don’t you?” he let out a small wheek.  “And that was your way of marking me as yours…Dude, I love you too…” Alfalfa pop-corned  for me again.  He melted my heart and lifted it at the same time with that simple movement.  I could not be depressed or mad about my day.  I had him.

“You want a treat?” I asked and he pop-corned again.  “Let’s go!” I said.  He bolted for the kitchen.  I heard his feet running across the floor.  “Silly pig” I said following him.  At that moment I knew that I was the luckiest person in the world because my guinea pig peed on my shoe to tell me how much he loves me…Wow, what a great day!



  1. Aw! He is your special guy! I hope the school year gets A LOT better!

    • Special guy is putting it midly! Thanks for your comment. I too hope my year gets better… It can’t get worse! – KA

  2. Sometimes, guinea pigs communicate in mysterious ways.

    • That is very true! lol! – Thanks for the comment – KA

  3. Luv your story! It doesn’t matter how mischievious the piggies are (I have 1 button-eating pig and 1 garment-eating pig!), it makes me luv them ALL the more!

    • Alfalfa likes to eat electronics too… lol! Thanks for your comment. – KA

  4. Awwww! I luvluvluv the story! You are a very handsome boarpig, Alfalfa! I tell my mummeh I love her by trying to eat her clothes and licking her face! xD
    Piggeh kisses,

    • Clover,
      You sound like such a nice pig. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked the story. Alfalfa is sometimes a pain in the butt. But I love him more because of that.
      – Kerry Anne

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