Posted by: kerryannekay | June 13, 2012

The Maintenance Guy Visit – Part Four

As I wrote this story, it developed a bit differently than I originally envisioned.  But, I think it is just as good as what I had planed to write originally!

I got home at 4:00 p.m. the day of the now infamous ‘air-conditioner’ incident.  The Property Manager (PM) saw my car as I drove past her office.  When I pulled in the parking lot, I saw PM trotting around the corner of a building a making a b-line for me.  Before I could even step out of the door she started talking.  “Thank God you are home!” she spewed in my general direction.  “Your guinea pig sounds like it going die…you need to check on him now!”

My special sign...  I am just a ball off furry reveng! - A

My special sign… I am just a ball off furry reveng! – A

“OK,” I calmed her grabbing my stuff out of my car.  “We can go now…”  I turned and locked my car behind me.  “I’m sure it is nothing… Come on…” I said motioning in the direction of my apartment.  She quickly followed me making clicking noise on the sidewalk with her heals.  We got to my building and went down to my apartment.  As I was unlocking the door I heard Alfalfa squeal.

“You see!” she panted.  “He’s going to die!”

I opened the door and as usual Alfalfa greeted me.  He was no longer behind the barrier I had put up earlier that morning.  “Alfalfa,” I cooed to him.  “Did you get out again?”

From behind me PM said, “Is he ok?”  Alfalfa heard her voice and chattered his teeth.  “Oh,” she said stepping to the side of me.  “Oh, he looks ok…”  That was Alfalfa’s cue to attack.  He ran past me and charged the PM’s feet.  She let out a shriek of surprise and jumped back.  My little furious ball of fur was out of the apartment and was in a standoff.

“Alfalfa!” I admonished as soon as I realized what was going on, “Get back in here…” He did not budge.

“Don’t move,” I told the PM, “I’ll get him…”  I bent down to pick him up and he bolted for the other side of the foyer.  PM took advantage of this, she was a blur as she ran past me into MY apartment.  I heard the door slam and the lock click home.  I was now locked outside of MY apartment with MY guinea pig.  I let out a, “what the hell?” as I looked around in bewilderment.  I knocked on MY door.  “PM?” I said sarcastically, “Uhmmm, you know that’s MY apartment?”

From behind the door came a reply, “That damn thing is going to kill me…”

“OH, GOD!” I yelled in exacerbation.  “It’s a damn guinea pig!”  I sat down on the floor outside of my door.  I hung my head in total frustration.  I sat about a minute before I noticed Alfalfa walking towards me from the far side of the foyer.  “You, sir, are a pain in my butt…” I said with little heart.  “Come here pig…”  Alfalfa pop-corned and then walked towards me.  He got close enough and I scooped him up.  He cooed at me.  “Yes, I know…” I comforted him.  “We have all had a stressful day…”  He sighed as he nuzzled into my shoulder.   I patted his back to comfort him.

I heard the door lock click open and PM stuck her head out.  “Is it gone?” she asked.

“I’ve got the furry monster,” I said quietly as not to disturb him.  She opened the door all the way.

“Ok, I’ll just get going now,” she said slinking away in the foyer.

“Ok, see you on Friday,” I said.

The PM stopped in her tracks.  “Friday?” she said turning to me.

“Yes,” I said with some frustration, “You still need to install my new air conditioning unit…”

“Oh,” she said, “Right…  Friday…  Ok…  See you then…”  She turned and trotted up the stairs looking back to make sure Alfalfa was still under control.

“Oh, pig,” I cooed, “What am I going to do with you?”  Alfalfa and I sat for a while comforting each other.  It was a long day for each of us.  Thank goodness we had each other.

Next week is the final installment of this story.  During that part of the story MG pays us another visit and we finally get an air conditioner that works!


  1. Oh Alfafa! Whatever would your hooman do without you?!

    Probably lead a much less complicated and peaceful life! But that would just be boring! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • No, guys. I think that I would go crazy without him. What other guy is going to save me in my time of need? Wouldn’t you protect your humans? I know my Alfalfa would. That’s why I love him sooo much! – Kerry Anne

      • Whee would always try to protect Mummy but most of the time she handles things herself!


  2. maintenance guy- 0 Pig: 1

  3. Alfalfa’s sign is great!

    • Thanks. Someone made it for me. I hope you like the blog. Thank you for your comment. – Kerry Anne

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