Posted by: kerryannekay | May 30, 2012

The Maintenance Guy Visit – Part Two

Alfalfa never says no to food!

The apartment complex I live in ordered a new air conditioner. It arrived on a Monday and I was advised that it should be installed on Tuesday. So, I began my ‘visit’ preparations on Monday night. Of course the area where the Maintenance Guy (MG) needed to work was right above Alfalfa’s area in the apartment. This was going to be a project and a hassle and a potential problem. Alfalfa does not like change.

I began by moving Alfalfa’s cage. He went into ‘what’s up?’ mode right away. He sniffed at the floor where the cage used to be. I expeditiously hand vacuumed the floor while shooing him away several times. When the area was complete, Alfalfa re-inspected it. It was not to his liking so he decided to add some of his own scent and decorations. I turned to see him mid poop pile building. “Alfalfa pig!” I said loudly. He jumped and ran toward the bed. Several beans popped out of his butt as he ran leaving a clear trail to his hiding spot. “Oh, pig,” I sighed grabbing for the hand vacuum again.

I cleaned the errant beans up laughing as I did. This was a small pile for him. Alfalfa stuck his head out from under the bead skirt and huffed at me. The new place of his cage and items was not to his liking. “Tough!” I remarked to him. He huffed again and went back under the bed. My task was finished and I moved a barrier into place to keep Alfalfa on the bedroom side of the apartment. His territory was cut in half. Stepping over the barrier, I walked to the couch and sat to watch TV.

I heard Alfalfa ruffle the bed skirt as he went over to the barrier to explore the change in his environment. I turned to see him stop several inches shy of it. He looked at it with a large amount of suspicion. “You’re not going to get through it…” I told him. He ignored my comment staring directly at the barrier. Alfalfa walked up to it and sniffed. “I told you, pig… It’s not going to happen…” The barrier I had up was a bunch of panels from an old cage strung together to form a moveable fence. The one flaw was that the zip-ties that held the panels together also acted as hinges. It did not take Alfalfa long to figure that out.

He grabbed a bar on a panel and began to tug back and forth. “Alfalfa Pig!” I admonished him. He stopped and looked up at me with the bar still in his mouth. “Oh, don’t be a bad pig… We need cool air… This is the only way.” I told him. He didn’t care. He wanted into the ‘forbidden’ area of the apartment. He continued to tug on the barrier. I sighed and got up. Seeing me move, Alfalfa darted back under the bed. I sat back down again. I thought, ‘How persistent can that pig be?’ I soon found out.

Alfalfa charged from under the bed right at the barrier. He ran head first into it. I heard a loud crash as he hit. “My god!” I yelled as I popped back up again. “Alfalfa!” I yelled. He backed up for another crack at the barrier. “Stop!” I yelled as he charged and then hit the barrier. *Crash* “Ok, ok, ok,” I yelled. “You can roam the apartment! Just stop!” I bent down and opened the barrier. Alfalfa walked though into the ‘other side’ of the apartment. He chattered his teeth and huffed at me. He held his head up high as he walked over my feet to his destination. It was a parting shot.

I sat back down on the couch. “Look,” I said to my rebel pig, “I’ll leave it open…for now. But later, I’m going to need to close it… Maintenance guy is coming soon.” He huffed at me and sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the living room. He was saying that he was king of his own domain…how dare I question that…how dare I cut his ‘domain’ in half… Alfalfa was not afraid to show his displeasure in the barrier or people on the other side. I can handle Alfalfa and his demands. However MG and the properly manager found out later that week that he’s quite a handful…

Next Wheek: The Phone messages from MG’s visit… Oh, boy Alfalfa was so bad…


  1. Oh Alfafa! 🙂

    Seems like you need to teach us some of your escaping tricks. Whee never seem to manage it!

    Nibbles, Nutty; Bingo & Buddy

    • Oh, no… That’s all your mom needs is four peegs running loose in the house! – Kerry Anne

    • I don’t know if your mum would approve of that! – Kerry Anne

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