Posted by: kerryannekay | May 2, 2012

What did you say?

We all talk to our pets as if they were our kids.  I am no exception.  I have nicknames and expressions that I like to use with Alfalfa.  However, I have never noticed how odd my expression and things I often say to my guinea pig were until I made a list of them over the past two weeks.  I don’t know if I was more amused or horrified at what I say to him.  Regardless, it is quite humorous on many different levels.  I have broken up it up into several categories.  I hope you have a good laugh at them.  I know I did… (Please note that the expressions are not related to any curse words or negative connotations.  Any similarity is purely coincidental.)

This is my scared face… 😦

Expressions of Love and Affirmation:

“Oh, my butt-head.”, “Butt-Boy!”, “Who’s my butt-butt?”, “Who’s my piggy-wiggy?”, “Al-foo-ie!”, “Al-fi-piggers!”, “Hey, lover-boy.”, “Who’s my little poop-boy?”, “Oh, that’s a nice poop, buddy!”, “Gold winning poop, dude.”, “Poop-tastic!”, “Hey, baby-boy!”, “Yey, it’s a pig.”, “Pigger-wigger!”, “Love you, dude.”, “Dude-a-rific!”, “Nice, job, buddy!”, “Get it, get it!”, “Do you want a treat?”, “Treat time!”, “Treat-tastic!”, “Wheeker-dude!”, “Hello my little dude!”, “Piggie!”. “Peeeeeg!”, “Sweet-T-Pie”, “My baby”, “Oh, dude…”, “Baby boy.”, “Who’s the best wheeker ever?!?”, “Sweetheart”, “Sweet boy”

Expressions of Exasperation:

“AL-FI-PIG!”, “OMG! Pig!”, “You little devil.”, “Dude, cut me some slack here!”, “Did you poop on the floor again?”, “Alfalfa Pig!”, “Ouch, dude, that was my toe!”, “No, not the toe…NOT THE TOE!”, “Hold still.”, “Excuse me, pig.”, “Alfalfa, be quiet, please…”, “That’s it!  Go to your pig-a-loo!”, “Nice try…”, “*sigh* How is it possible for you to make such a big mess?”, “Dude, get a life.”, “Did you make that mess?  Of course you did.  Why do I bother asking?!?”, “*sigh*”, “Turn off the alarm setting Alfalfa.”, “If I give you a carrot, will you stop yelling?”, “If I give you a treat will you stop it?”, “Don’t make me come over there…”, “Alfalfa!”, “Dude, what’s up with that?”  “DUDE!”, “Can we make a deal?”, “Please just be good.”, “Really?”, “REALLY?!?”

Expressions Though Song:

“You are my butt-head, my only butt-head.  You make me happy when skies are gray.  Oh, please don’t take my butt-head away…”  (Sung to “You are my sunshine.”)

“I love you.  You love me.  You are the best pi-gi-gi!”  (Sung to the “Barney” song.)

“Here a butt.  There a butt.  Everywhere a butt-butt.  Old Alfalfa had a poop.  E-I-E-I-O!”  (Sung to “Old McDonald”)

“Oh, I love my pig!  Oh, yes I do!  Let me tell you how much I love you!  Alfalfa pig is a butt.  Alfalfa pig is a nut.  But, piggy, I love you.  And I know you love me too!”  (Totally made up song.)

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that talks to their pet like this.  You should hear my mom with Jack, Bones, and Merc.  Maybe that’s where I get if from…  Hmmmm…  I still think that it is amazing how we show our love to our pets.  The nick names we have for them show our love and adoration for some amazing animals in our lives. Now I’m sure that I’ve forgotton some…but that’s between Alfalfa and I…



  1. I have one for him too. Alfalfa, you came and you left me a poopie and you’d do it again! (To Barry Manilow’s Mandy) 😛

    • That’s a great one! I’ll add it to my song list. – Kerry Anne

  2. Niener -wiener, Ni-Ni, Piggy-poo,Weiner,Nina-Bean-a! Chubby Wubby Baaabeee!Chubbers,Poo-head,,All said with undying love! Her #1 song is: “I’m a little piggy short and stout…food goes in and beans come out!” (I’m a little teapot) You are loved Alfalfa!

    • Elizabeth, Thanks so much for the comment and expressions. They and you are awesome! – Kerry Anne

  3. Our Mummy says loads of funny things. She gives us all nicknames which she says quite a lot. “Bingo Behave!” is what you hear most often, usually followed by a “Don’t make me come over there!” or a loud sigh. I’m an Agouti Cutie, Nibbles is Sir Nibbles and Buddy is a Babe Magnet.

    Mummy tried explaining her silly words and names for us to a friend but her friend just laughed and called Mummy “Nutty” which is funny cos’ that’s my name . . .


    • Yes. I am crazy! But, I love talking to my pets that way. Thanks for sharing! – Kerry Anne

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