Posted by: kerryannekay | April 11, 2012

Jack the Alarm Clock

Jack is Alfalfa’s brother from another mother.  Although he does not live with us, we still consider him family and love him so much.  Alfalfa and I visit whenever we can…

My mom and I do not live together.  However, I love to visit her and my step-dad.  It’s like a second home to me.  I even have my own ‘room’ where I store stuff that doesn’t fit in my shoe-boxed sized of an apartment.  There are three cats at my mom’s house:  Jack, Bones, and Merck.  All three are rescues and all have their own personalities.  Jack is the most demanding, bold, and adventurous.  Bones is quiet, loyal, and cute.  Merck is aloof, a bit crazy, and guarded.  For some odd reason, Jack is almost always the one getting in trouble around the house.

Jack has many nicknames because of his personality and the trouble he causes.  Some of them include: “King Jack”, “Jack the Rat”, “Jack-O-Lantern”, “Jackers”, “Jack-Attack”, “The King”, and “Jack the Alarm Clock”.  That last nick name got him in trouble the other morning.  When Jack is up in the morning he wants the entire house up and at his beckon call.  My room is down stairs and I have learned to close my door to keep him out when I want to sleep in.  My parents are not so lucky.  Their bedroom is upstairs in a remodeled area over the garage in a master suite.   To access it you need to walk up a set of stairs.  There is one design flaw…no door.  The cats are in and out of their room at their own leisure.

My mom leaves for work without fail at 6:30 am.  She always feeds the cats each morning so they will leave my dad alone.  In contrast to my mom’s hours, my dad’s hours at work can vary.  He likes to sleep in when he can.  That is something that Jack will not tolerate.  Jack will walk on him, purr in his ear, lick his face, meow, and jump on and off of the bed to wake him up.  He has even resorted to knocking things off of the dressers around the room!

Jack recently figured out a new way to torture my dad in the morning.  It started one morning with a noise:  “beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause”.  As my dad got pulled out of sleep he tried to ignore the repetitive noise.  No matter how hard he tried it was not going away.  As he rolled over, he began to wonder what was going on.  ‘That’s annoying,’ he drowsily thought through his sleepy mind.  The noise continued:  “beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause-beep”.  After about five minutes of this noise, he couldn’t stand it anymore.   Finally waking up, my dad sat up in bed, and looked around for the blasted noise.  What he saw was so unusual and odd it shocked him and made him laugh at the same time.

Across from the bed in my parents room is a work desk.  My mom’s laptop is on the desk with her school work, office work, bills, and other important papers.  The area is strictly off-limits to the climbing cats…especially Jack.  However, this particular morning, Jack didn’t care about the rules.  The vat was top of the desk. My mom’s laptop was open and on.  Jack was gingerly taping the keyboard with his paw.  “Beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause-beep” went the computer in response to his paw taps.  Jack gave my dad a look of defiance as he continued to tap the keyboard.  Somehow Jack had managed to open so many programs, the computer would not allow any more to be opened.  Each time he hit the keyboard, it gave a warning that too many programs were opened already!  “Beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause-beep” it went as Jack went on tapping it.

Beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause-beep.  “JACK!” my dad yelled out.  “Cut it out!”  The cat continued his tapping… “Beep-pause-beep-pause-beep-pause-beep…”  “Jack!” he yelled again.  The cat was unfazed by the second reprimand.  My dad threw back the covers and got out of bed to chase the cat away.  Jack jumped down and trotted over to the stairs purring like happy kitten.  “That’s it!  I’m up…” my dad yelled standing next to the bed.  The cat started down the stair in anticipation of being feed.  “Damn, cat,” my dad moaned following Jack downstairs like a well-trained human.



  1. Dearest Kitty Bloger,

    Thank you for your support! I like your blog about cats. It is awesome. I hope to have more posts about Jack and his brothers. Stayed tuned! – Kerry Anne

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