Posted by: kerryannekay | February 21, 2012

How my guinea pig ‘attacked’ the maintenance guy

ImageRecently, I put in a maintenance request to fix my toilet in my apartment.  Being an efficient and effective at his job, the maintenance guy (MG) came to fix it two days later.  I work as a teacher and was not able to be home to receive him.

It is no secret to the MG and property manager that I own a guinea pig.  In fact, it is no secret to them that he has learned how to escape from his cage and roam my apartment at his leisure.  I cannot count the number of times he has met me at the front door.  I usually wind up asking him, “Did you escape again?   Naughty boy!” in a teasing tone.  Secretly, I am happy to have a guinea pig that is smart enough to get past all of the tricks I use to stop his escape attempts.  (I’ll tell you more about that in another post.)

I guess the MG was not expecting to be met at the door by a guinea pig.  He told me that he keyed into my apartment, saw the guinea pig waiting at the door and proceeded to say, “Hey fellow!”  Poor Alfalfa didn’t react nicely to this visitor.  He began chattering his teeth in anger at the MG.  The MG took one step into the apartment and Alfalfa began to squeak.  MG told me that it was like he set the security system off and there was no off button.

MG bent down to pet the guinea pig thinking “that will calm him down a bit.”  Alfalfa wouldn’t stand for it.  He ran away turned and ran back at the MG charging like a raging bull.  MG told me that it seemed like he was trying to “bit his toes off.”  I asked MG if he had just walked past the guinea pig.  He said “NO!”  Apparently, Alfalfa had scared him out of my apartment!  Seriously?  A 2.5 pound guinea pig versus a 175 pound man?  Seriously?  MG was scared away?

Do you have any interesting stories of guinea pig madness?  I’d love to hear them.  And by the way, the toilet is still broken…MG won’t enter my apartment unless Alfalfa is “caged up”.  Alfalfa is some sort of Houdini pig…bars won’t hold him!

– ME


  1. I have Houdini guinea pigs too!!!;) I have since given up on trying to find ways to keep them in their cage, they never give up trying new escape attempts…so they have since become free range guinea pigs;) My vacuum gets a work out;)

    • Thank goodness someone else has this problem. I thought that I was alone. He’s more like a dog than a guinea pig. Yes, I’ve been though a vaccuume since I’ve gotten him. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to hearing from you again.

      – ME

  2. I love your stories. I have Copper, free run guinea pig who lives among my rabbits, cat and rescue rabbits (I run Tiny Paws Rescue in MI). There are barricades around separating rabbit run areas and 2 by 2 inch holes cut in them so Copper can do the slinky through the barricades and visit all the different areas.
    He knows how to spin and do up, but he steps into my hand for support. If I don’t put my hand down and he wants a treat, he will come and stand on my feet. He knows where the treats are stored and if I seem to be late with them, he will come to me and make soft wheeks with a question mark at the end and lead me to the treats and start doing tricks to let me know what he wants.
    I love free run pigs. Keep writing.

    • Linda, Thank you for sharing your story with me. Copper sounds like my type of pig! That is awesome that he is a ‘free-range pig’ like my Alfalfa. I have taught Alfalfa ‘up’ but he tends to do that when he wants and not when I want him to! Thank you for your support. I hope to bring some joy into other pig owners lives while making them laugh. I hope that you continue to read. I look forward to your next comment. Thanks again! – Kerry Anne

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